M.A. programme Media and Journalism

Study programme Media and Journalism

Name of the qualification and the obtained academic or professional title: 
Master's Degree, Master of Media Production
Official length of the study programme: two years

Access requirements
Enrolment in the first year of the master's study programme Media and Journalism is allowed for:
those who finished a first degree study programme in adequate professional fields and obtained no less than 180 ECTS credit points (the Bologna system);
holders of a degree in a professional higher education study programme in adequate professional fields (prior to the introduction of the Bologna system);
those who finished an equivalent study programme in other professional fields, fulfilled additional study requirements. The additional study requirements include the following subjects: Media and Communication and Media Content Analysis.

Enrolment can be limited by the Faculty if the number of applications substantially exceeds the number of positions available. In the case of enrolment being limited, candidates shall be selected according to the average grade they obtained in their undergraduate study.

Adequate professional fields include social, information, administrative and business sciences.

Information on the contents and results gained

Mode of study: part-time
Main programme components of the study programme and study requirements:
The study programme is comprised of organised study work: lectures, practical work, laboratory practice and other forms of study in addition to consultations with higher education teachers and mentors. An important component of the programme is independent work by students which comprises: study of course literature, completing research and project papers, participation in various researches, preparing for and giving presentations, exam preparation and examinations, completion of the undergraduate thesis.

Media and Journalism study programme consists of 30 credit points (CP) per individual semester, and 60 CP per year. In this two-year programme student requirements include 120 CP of work. A credit point is the measuring unit used for the evaluation of the average amount of student work.  One (1) credit point indicates 25 to 30 hours of student workload. Annual workload comprises 1,800 hours.

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